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VG Covers

A couple of covers I've made of video game tracks, sometimes with genre reinterpetation. Click on the download button if a track has it to download the midi! (Its sound may differ according to your computer's soundfont)

C O M I N G   S O O N . . .

NES Covers

Covers I've made of music using the Famitracker software to emulate the authentic NES sound. Click on the download button to obtain the .NSF!

new!Rainbow Road

A cover of Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 8

Covers of Lemon Demon in odd time signature

Midi covers of Lemon Demon in a jazz-ish style using odd time signatures. Yes, surprisingly I have been making more than one of these, more coming soon!


A cover of Cabinet Man, but in a 7/8 time signature

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